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Introducing our Stress Relief 11 oz Soy Candle, the perfect mood-setter for unwinding after a long day. Made with 100% natural soy wax and infused with calming essential oils, this candle creates a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for de-stressing and finding inner peace. With a burn time of approximately 50 hours, you can enjoy the soothing scent of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood for longer periods of time. The sleek and modern design of the candle makes it a great addition to any room, while the gentle flickering flame adds to the calming ambiance. Whether you're looking to unwind after a stressful day at work, or simply need some time to relax and recharge, our Stress Relief Soy Candle is the perfect companion for creating a peaceful and serene environment.

Stress Relief 11 oz Soy Candle

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