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Disclosure Policy

Editorial Policy & Guidelines


At Mindful Living Home, our mission is to empower our readers to enhance their lives through mindful living practices. We achieve this goal by offering insightful recommendations on home improvement, sustainable living, wellness, and more. Our approach involves providing practical advice, product recommendations, DIY guides, and inspiration for incorporating mindfulness into everyday routines.


Our commitment to quality and reliability is paramount. Each piece of content is meticulously crafted by our team of experienced writers, who bring firsthand knowledge and expertise to the table. Whether it's a product review, a how-to article, or a comprehensive buying guide, you can trust that every recommendation is based on thorough research, testing, and personal experience.


We take pride in our transparency. Every article undergoes rigorous editorial review and fact-checking to ensure accuracy and relevance. Our editors, Tamara Norena and Kellie King, oversee this process to maintain the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness.


In summary, we prioritize authenticity and practicality in our content. You won't find generic advice or sponsored fluff here—just genuine recommendations from real people who are passionate about mindful living.


Product Reviews & Recommendations


Our approach to product reviews is straightforward and unbiased. We collaborate exclusively with writers who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products they review. Whether it's eco-friendly home products, wellness gadgets, or sustainable furniture, our reviewers have hands-on experience with each item.


We conduct thorough testing of products to provide genuine insights and assessments. Unlike relying on secondhand information, we believe in experiencing products firsthand. This ensures that our reviews are based on actual usage and not influenced by external sources.


We do not accept guest posts or paid insertions that compromise our editorial independence. Any sponsored content is clearly labeled as such to maintain transparency with our readers.


Affiliate Links


Like many websites, we utilize affiliate links to sustain our operations. Clicking on these links may earn us a small commission if you make a purchase. However, please note that our content decisions are never influenced by affiliate partnerships. Whether or not a product offers affiliate commissions does not impact its inclusion in our reviews or recommendations.


Our foremost goal is to empower our readers with valuable insights and resources for embracing mindful living practices. Every recommendation is made with your best interests in mind, ensuring that you can make informed decisions to enhance your home and lifestyle.




This revised policy maintains clarity and transparency while aligning with Mindful Living Home's commitment to quality and authenticity in content delivery.

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